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    Its my first time in a balloon, what do I expect?
    It is not uncommon for people to express a fear of heights or uneasiness with flying. There is no sense of movement. You’ll hardly even realize that you’re up in the air or moving at all, unless of course, you look down. All in all, a balloon ride is very calm and gentle.
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    Is Ballooning safe?
    Our balloons are certified aircrafts, inspected on a regular basis as per FAA regulations and are flown by experienced commercial pilots. Ballooning is the oldest form of flight and statistically the safest.
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    When will we fly?
    Ballooning is a fair weather sport. Assuming the visibility is good, the key consideration is the wind speed. Generally a launch is not feasible when the winds exceed 8 miles per hour. The preferred flying time is just before sunrise, when the winds are lighter and more stable than at any other time throughout the day. The pilot will make a determination concerning the weather, prior to the flight, in part by calling National Flight Services for the current forecast and wind speed in the launch area, and to receive clearance to enter the airspace. Pilots reserve final judgment based upon actual weather conditions observed at the launch site.
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    Who Can Fly?
    Anyone in good physical condition, able to stand for about one hour, agile, at least 4 ½ feet tall and not pregnant may ride. An adult must accompany children between 10 and 16 years of age. Sorry, no children under 10 years of age.
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    What should I wear?
    You should dress for the season. It is essentially the same temperature in-flight as on the ground at takeoff. You should wear casual clothing and comfortable shoes with ankle support, suitable for a walk through country fields. Sorry, no heels or sandals.
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    What should I bring?
    Cameras, video cameras and binoculars are all permitted during the flight. We suggest that you have straps on all your equipment to prevent you from losing your expensive cameras overboard. It is also suggested that you bring a small equipment bag to safely secure all equipment prior to landing.
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